Course on Therapeutic Storytelling – English


Therapeutic Storytelling over time has proved to be, through our projects, an effective tool as well as within everyone’s reach. Following the publication of the text The Therapeutic Storytelling Authentic communication as a tool for the rediscovery of the self as part of an us, by Aglaya Jimenez Turati, in which a sharing of constructive and profound experiences of therapeutic storytelling in different contexts was carried out, we decided to follow up this initiative by creating a community through which we could spread the importance of the use of narration as an instrument of social transformation. The definition proposed in the text of this tool is:

Storytelling in itself is communication and communication when it is authentic and always therapeutic, because it brings us back to a conception of ourselves as part of a whole, recognizing us through the direct interaction that is the result of the contact that occurs through our senses, but also the mental connection that sharing what we carry inside creates. In this way it brings us back to the primordial need for contact with our fellow human beings, the need we have for each other and predisposes us to give and receive dialogue.1

In fact, what happens through this practice is the activation of a process of re-education to emotional communication, which has proved to be a relational bridge that promotes harmony and reduces or eliminates the conflicts that arise from various factors such as misunderstandings, but also socio-economic and cultural factors, personal and the increasingly absent ability to accept one’s own emotions and those of others, based on the filters of our imagination that increasingly separate rather than unite. Considering different contexts, we will examine how deeply this tool plants the seed that creates the basis for an authentic communication, both in conditions of negative peace and in conditions of conflict or post-conflict. Since the basic idea is linked to a collective conception of ourselves as human beings, the idea was born to create a space where to work both on this practice and to relate those who will then be enabled to organize Therapeutic Storytelling Laboratories. The participation to the course allows the adherence to the Therapeutic Storytelling Community of Peace Words and at the end of the course there will be a certificate of participation.


  1. Promote emotional communication as a privileged form of interaction to foster social harmony and positive peace;
  2. Foster collective empowerment from both an individual and community perspective, fostering social inclusion, integration and the concept of community;
  3. Stimulating the process of awareness in people who will have access to the community directly or indirectly, stimulating awareness about different phenomena that affect different societies;
  4. To help, through Therapeutic Storytelling, the creation of a context of trust and a different perception of the group, in which participants find support and re-elaborate the importance of the idea of community;
  5. Fostering an understanding of emotions and their role within the communicative relationship, allowing to identify and overcome obstacles to authentic and emotional communication;
  6. Understanding the management dynamics of a Therapeutic Storytelling Laboratory.


The course consists of five meetings of three hours each, with a break of 15 minutes in between, after an hour and a half. It will take place entirely online and has a maximum number of participants, i.e. 30 people. Once reached the minimum number of participants (min 10 people) the course can start. It will be held completely online, through the Zoom platform.

The teaching is based on five modules that follow the reference text and the learning is both theoretical and experiential.

Module 1: Therapeutic storytelling: history and experiences of social transformation.

Module 2: Therapeutic storytelling in conflict and post conflict contexts.

Module 3: Conscientization through dialogue

Module 4: Emotional communication

Module 5: Simulation of a Therapeutic Storytelling Laboratory

The cost of the course is 125 euros per person and must be paid in advance.

Info and contacts

Aglaya Jiménez Turati

tel.+39 3206718386

1] Aglaya JIMENEZ TURATI, The therapeutic storytelling. Authentic communication as a tool for the rediscovery of the self as part of an us, online publication, 2020, p. 13.


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